Can I Cash a Check Written to My Small Business?

Cashing a check might seem like a simple process, but it becomes complicated if the check is made out to your business. If your business is a sole proprietorship, this is not much of an issue since you and your business are considered the same entity. However, if you have a partnership, limited liability company or a corporation, cashing a business check is not only more complex, but depending on the banking institution, not an option. 

5 Money Tips for Millennials

Mandi Woodruff from Yahoo Finance shares some tips on how millennials can save money while managing expenses. 

Money hacks That'll Help You save (and Keep You Safe)

By Jean Chatzky

Research reveals we're probably a bit too confident about our financial futures. 

Ahhh, optimism. It's a quintessentially American trait. We're optimistic - and confident - about the economy, the markets, job growth... the list goes on. We're also confident about our own financial futures. But when you dig into the numbers, it's possible we're too optimistic. Here are some hacks that allow you to continue to maintain that sunny outlook while actually doing the right thing for your financial future. 

The Plus Side of Check Cashing Businesses

By Rachel Quednau

Up and down the blocks of poor neighborhoods, you're guaranteed to see one specific type of storefront: check cashing shops. They'll cash your checks, wire your money abroad and evens sell you a cell phone plan. 

Bill Gates - Bitcoin "Future of Currency"

Bill Gates on record about Bitcoin, and it being the "Future of Currency".

Saving for tomorrow

It's easy to imagine saving money next week, but how about right now? Generally, we want to spend it. Economist Shlomo Benartzi says this is one of the biggest obstacles to saving enough for retirement, and ask: How do we turn this behavorial challenge into a behavioral solution?

The Future of Money

Helen Wong is an alumna and attorney for the Federal Trade Commission. Her talk is about the future of money and how emphasizing consumer protection principles can help virtual currencies empower all consumers to access the benefits of digitized money. 

Gift card exchanges can save you up to 35 percent

By Tom Anderson

Savvy shoppers can buy gift cards at steep discounts using online marketplaces, such as Cardpool, Gift Card Granny and Raise, to pay for holiday gifts. 

Raise estimates that consumers will save more than $40 million this holiday season through buying discounted gift cards on its platform alone. 


Benefits of Bitcoin

By IG Group Limited

Bitcoin is a currency that appeals to a variety of different people for hugely differing reasons. 

  • For its growing base of consumers, it offers a currency that is not controlled by any central bank, and can be spend freely across borders very very little regulation or limitation.
  • For economists and technology enthusiasts, it represents a hugely significant step towards the digital age. 
  • For financial traders, it is a new area of investment that brings huge volatility and behaves differently to flat currencies.

Bitcoin could nearly double and reach $5,000 soon

By Evelyn Cheng

  • Bitcoin traded near $2,600 Wednesday, according to CoinDesk.
  • Standpoint Research founder Ronnie Moas said the digital currency could rise to $5,000 "in a few months".
  • "This is not something I could keep my hands off of", Moas said.