Customer Support

The Your Exchange Money Center Customer Support team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

The following phone numbers and email addresses provide you with options to be sure we are getting you directly to the appropriate department.


Business Check Cashing Help Line:

Call…  612-315-5400

Español… 612-222-6636


Collection/Payment Recovery:

Call… 763-703-4480

Español… 612-222-6636


Complaints & Compliments:

Text only at… 763-913-6950

Support by location


Brooklyn Park


Columbia Heights

Direct contact info to our branded service providers:

Western Union:  
Call… 800-325-6000

Call… 866-795-7597

Call… 813-987-2199


Frequently Asked Questions

 No, we only have to verify checks from companies we don’t recognize or on bigger checks. Once we confirm a check once and get it into the system, we won’t have to call again.

We will need any type of picture ID and a social security number. We welcome you to stop in if you have ID problems, and we will try to work with you the best we can.

 It is worth 58.5% of whatever the current spot price of gold is.

Yes, if they are made of silver, we will purchase them.

Yes! At Your Exchange Check Cashing, we can now take any PIN-based debit card for any of our services or just for cash back.

Anything that uses a PIN number! We can pull cash off of Netspend, Greendot, Rushcards, Mango, Walmart, Western Union debit cards, Ace, Control, Visa, or Mastercard prepaid debit, just to name a few.

Typically, there are two options. You can send it money in minutes, where the receiver can pick it up the same day, or the next day service, where the receiver can pick it up 24 hours from when you sent it.