Metro Transit Go-To Card™

Your go-to resource for your Metro Transit Go-To Cards

> For buses and trains

> Prepay or get passes for 1-day, 7-days and 31-days

> Available only at our Columbia Heights location

Metro Transit Go-To Card™

Your go-to resource for your Metro Transit Go-To Cards

> For buses and trains

> Prepay or get passes for 1-day, 7-days and 31-days

> Available only at our Columbia Heights location

metro transit

About Go-To Cards™

> Pay your fare with a Go-To Card that works with just one touch to a reader and can be used over and over again. Go-To Cards are accepted on all regional regular-route buses and trains, so no matter where you ride, your fare is covered.

> Go-To Cards also offer balance protection if you register your card. Simply report the loss and for a small fee, you’ll receive a new card with the value remaining on your original card when it was reported lost or stolen. 

Go-To Cards Provide Flexibility And Are Easy To Use

> Metro Transit Go-To Cards provide commuters in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area with a convenient and affordable way to travel through the public transportation system. The cards work much like debit cards, with commuters adding money or transit passes to them before swiping or tapping for boarding. With these reloadable cards, which are accepted on all Metro Transit buses, trains, and services, riders can save time and money and enjoy stress-free commuting experiences.

> Additionally, with bonus promos such as double fares on select routes anytime before 6:30 am Monday through Friday, there’s always an incentive to use them. So, Metro Transit Go-To Cards are the way to go, whether you’re a college student traveling around the Twin Cities or need a simple way to travel daily.

Public Transit in The Twin Cities Is A Huge Asset

> Public transportation in the Twin Cities is an invaluable asset to the public. It helps citizens get around quickly and cheaply while simultaneously reducing vehicle traffic and air pollution. Accessible public transportation also opens up a world of opportunities for citizens who cannot drive or don’t own vehicles, such as people with disabilities, low-income individuals, and the elderly.

> On top of that, it boosts our economy by providing transportation to thousands of workers every day. Public transit in the Twin Cities has proven itself time and time again as an integral part of what makes the city so great – fast, convenient service connecting all areas of the Twin Cities.

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Go-To Cards - Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your Metro Transit Go-To Card questions below:

No, they are currently only available at our Columbia Heights location.

Go-To cards are accepted on all regional regular-route busses and trains.

Go-To cards are an affordable and convenient way to travel through our public transportation system. 

Yes, Go-To cards are reloadable. 

Go-To cards work like debit cards; you add money to your pass and swipe it when boarding.